Frequently Asked Questions
How does SeniorSource San Diego find the most appropriate referrals?
We listen.  We understand. We get to know you.  Then we determine your specific needs: physical, psycho-social, emotional, cultural, religious, geographic, and of course, financial.

How does SeniorSource San Diego choose the communities they recommend?
Everyone has different expectations for the type of home they choose.  However, we ensure each community option that is provided to our clients has been personally visited and stringently evaluated by our staff.

What is the cost of using SeniorSource San Diego’s services?
Our services are free to our clients. We offer a personalized consultation, establishing a profile unique to the client. The most appropriate selections are made accordingly and presented in a professional, concise and informative packet.  If you or your loved one move in to one of the communities we recommend, they pay us a one-time fee.

How is my privacy protected in the search process?
SeniorSource San Diego does not release your contact information to any facility or community unless specifically authorized by you.

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